Gajayana University of Malang (GUM) is a private university founded by the Gajayana Education Foundation. Before becoming a university, it was an academy of business management and accounting. In the latter’s fourth year of operation, in 1984, it changed into a school of economics. Two years later, on 20 May 1986, it changed into a university, and has kept the status until the present time.

The university’s vision is to make itself an institution of higher education with excellence and quality, as well as a centre for the development of science and technology that is based on Indonesian values and culture towards the improvement of the nation’s competing power. Its missions are (1) to provide education that produces graduates of high quality, refined behaviour, and competitive and adaptable qualifications; (2) to develop and employ science, technology, and human resources sustainably in providing education and conducting research; and (3) to serve the community which promotes the improvement of life quality.

GUM is committed to teaching, researching, and serving the community. It offers degrees at graduate and undergraduate levels. The graduate level constitutes Master of Management and the undergraduate one, which involves a combination of coursework and research and is locally called Sarjana, includes Sarjana of Economics, Engineering, Computer, Letters, and Psychology. Details follow:

Graduate Level

Undergraduate Level

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